The Flipi

Flipi #35

Proton Skulls #71 – Some say he’s a just a basic Skull. Others say he’s a “missing link.” A small but growing group of weirdos seem to think he was sent back from the future. The only thing we can be sure of is that Tal will always do things his way. You can catch him in the morning, emerging from his cavernous chamber to start a fire. Every night he drinks a sulfur ale and watches the fire flutter out. He’s been at this routine for thousands of years, so don’t even try to change his mind. Although considered by other Skulls to be stupid, his mind is not weighed down by desire for material objects, constant overthinking of social interactions, or even thoughts of the death and the future. He lives entirely in the present. As a result, Tal has the mind of an immortal monk which at times can seem limitless.